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Learning math again as an adult

I’ve always been a little scared of mathematical notation. They feel like symbols from an alien intelligence that is smarter than human.

Every time I see a summation formula, I feel dumb. I’ve been trying to study data structures and algorithms as an academic topic, something that can stimulate the mind. To do that, things have come to a head – either I learn to be comfortable speaking mathematically, or I’m forever in the ‘do this to get a job and it's enough’ camp.

There are two discoveries on that journey that make me feel more confident.

  1. Mathematical Notation book
  2. The Art of Problem Solving series of books, specifically:
    • Introduction to Counting and Probability
    • Intermediate Counting and Probability
    • Introduction to Number Theory
  3. Giving the screenshot for an equation to ChatGPT, and asking it to translate it to Python